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"It helped me to push through the last few minutes [of the game]." -Dean Muir, Houston Sabercats, South African Rugby

"It helped me out a lot. That Pickle Juice is pretty much the reason I'm still in the tournament." -Francis Tiafoe, Australian Open 2019

"Get me all the Pickle Juice!" -Alex Molcan, Australian Open 2022

"Pickle Juice got me through the end of many games, our team loves it." -Patrick Medina, La Villa Professional Rugby Team 2022

Other users comments:

"Simply, it works. I've had some significant cramping and a shot of pickle juice stopped the cramps."

"GREAT FOR MUSCLE CRAMPS! Being outdoors in the hot & humid south takes it out of you. This beats other products/supplements I've tried,"

"Pickle Juice's ability to prevent and stop cramps borders on magical."

"It's pickle juice....so it's going to taste odd, but I'm here to tell you Pickle Juice works great. It stops leg cramps in a hurry."

"I coach a University Swimming and Diving program. Nothing helps combat cramps quicker than Pickle Power. Our team doesn't love to use it (most love the taste, they just don't want cramps), but they use it because IT WORKS."

"I have recovered from cramps i nthe middle of a 325 mile bike ride and completed the ride by drinking Pickle Juice."

"I have been using pickle juice for about 3 years now. I have tried pretty much every other method backed by science or even old wives tales - nothing else worked up until I tried this!"

"I've used many different remedies to help with muscle cramps. It wasn't until I met Pickle Juice that I finally learned it was possible to  not have horrific muscle cramps after a hard training day."

"This is a great preparation tactic for a long workout. It was helped stop cramping during workouts."